Thursday, October 16, 2008

Go Phillies!!! Were going to the World Series!

I can't believe it! The Phillies actually did it, and they are going to the World Series. The last time that they were in the World Series I lived here in Philly, so maybe I bring some good luck? Who knows.......Well we have been watching the games and Annalise has been doing her part by eating her Pretzels...It was Kevins Birthday a couple of weeks ago....He turned an old 34.....just kidding! He turned 28 (if he was 34 what would that make me? Come on people)  We got to go bowling, which we had not done is a long time, Kevin got some new shoes that Annalise was breaking in for him... (with a horrible shot of me in the background....yeah I should really edit that out)

and of course enjoyed General Conference like we do every year for his birthday (poor guy), it is not as bad as having his birthday on a holiday, but it usually means we can't celebrate as much as we would like. However at General Conference they did announce that we are going to get a Temple here in Philly! Yay!!!! I am so so so excited, however Kev and I probably will not be here when it if finally is up and running, but it is still exciting to be invlolved in getting the area ready for a temple. So I guess Philly is just on a roll, first we are getting a temple, then we are going to the world the Eagles will win the Super Bowl...(okay maybe I am getting a little ahead of myself here.) 

We have been getting ready for Halloween, and I am so excited that Annalise will not be sleeping through Trick or Treating this year. She is going to be a punk rocker baby, and she was trying on her accessories a couple of days ago....
she is definately going to be a cute rocker baby! Especially with these guitar skills: