Sunday, September 20, 2009

The eating machine

Yes I have an eating machine, and her name is Annalise. Ever since she started eating solid foods it seems like all she does is eat, but today she ate more than I have ever seen her eat before.

This morning for breakfast she ate three bowls of cereal (and I am not talking small bowls)

Then for lunch she had a slice of apple bread, a hot dog, two pieces of ham, a piece of turkey and some string cheese.....oh and blueberries, and of course her "agua".

Then a couple of hours later she was begging for a snack so Kevin made her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich which she gobbled down and asked for another, which she also scarfed and asked for more. Then she finished off the blueberries and enjoyed some juice.
An hour later Kev and I sat down for dinner, at which point she asked for "some"......"I Some" she said. So she had some pasta and more juice.......and a chocolate chip cookie!

I don't know what has come over her, but she better be going through a growth spurt, or else she has some sort of bottomless pit that we have not discovered.