Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yay for Mothers Day

I enjoyed my Mothers Day this year. Kevin let me sleep in, made me breakfast, got me exactly what I asked for and made me a cute card with pictures of my two favorite people.

Who could ask for more? 
It actually turned out to be a really busy day at church and a lot of cooking when I got home, but it was all enjoyable. 

So I just had to tell my story of that morning. I of course enjoyed sleeping in that morning, got up and ate my wonderful breakfast, but then we only had a short amount of time to get ready before we had to pick up Precious and head over to the church. So Kevin hopped in the shower while I got Annalise dressed. I took her PJ's off and went to go change her diaper, but unfortunately she had been dealing with a little rash from the previous two days, so I let her little bottom dry out for a few minutes while I put her dress on her. I Did her hair and got her shoes out. In the meantime Kevin got out of the shower and Annalise went running for Dada. I had not yet gotten myself ready for church, so I went to get dressed and do my makeup. About ten minutes later we were all ready and heading out the door. Kevin put Annalise in the car while I stuffed all my bags in the car, like the bag lady. We picked up Precious and headed off to church. While we were in the car Annalise was playing around and pulling her feet up over her head as she likes to do. She thought she was pretty funny, so I asked her if she was trying to moon me, and she of coursed answered "yeah" and giggled some more, but then I looked at her sitting in her car seat and thought.............did I ever put a diaper on her before we left? And the answer to that question was.... No. In the rush to get out the door I had forgotten to put a diaper on her. What kind of mother does that? (and on mothers day, a true display of what I am like everyday.) As soon as I realized what I had done I just laughed the whole way to church. Luckily there were no accidents and it something I can now laugh about for every mothers day to come!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Giggling Girls

Annalise has been getting older so fast (she will be two in August....what?), and she is turning into quite the toddler. She started enjoying her playdates that I have been setting up for her (playdates are really just an excuse for me to spend some time with an adult, but also for Annalise to socialize with kids her age.)  Yesterday we had Bonnie and Madison over for the afternoon. As Bonnie and I were sitting at the table making bows and other crafty things we heard the girls giggling in Annalise's room. I turned on the video camera, walked in the room and this is what they were up to:

Yes.... that is Annalise standing pantsless, spitting water out, while Madison falls over laughing. We thought it was pretty cute.