Monday, February 25, 2008

Oh is it good to be home!

So Annalise has started to sit up on her own. She is getting so strong, I love it, but it also makes me nervous, because that just means she is closer to moving around the house, which means I will have to baby proof for real. Today we are working on rollng over. She has rolled from her tummy to her back by herself now (well once) so we are working on those little baby muscles.

I am sure Annalise is going to miss her Grandma and Grandpa being around because they are leaving soon. My mom has been watching Annalise while I work, so Annalise has been able to spend a lot of time with her, but like my mom said, it is shame she wont remember any of it. But we wish them the best of luck in Cincinnati.
Well it is so great to be home. Annalise and I got to take a fantastic trip accross the country, through many different states starting in Pennsylvania all the way to Arizona. We even got to stop in Nashville for some awesome BBQ. The best part was being able to stop in Austin and see my sister and her family. The kids had a lot of fun together. They got to go to the park and ride the train, they loved it, and it was a good break for the kids as we were in the car all day the rest of the week. What a crew of kids....look at them...
As for other news, Matt (my brother) is back out on his mission in Northern California, hopefully his health will stay strong this time. We are praying for him everyday. And Steve (my other brother) and Ellie are pregnant, so Annalise is going to get a new cousin soon.....yeah!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Annalise is discovering new things everyday. A couple of days ago I was washing my hands in the sink, and she seemed very interested in what I was doing. I let her reach down into the sink and she was desperately trying to grab the stream of water, but every time she would get her hand to the water it would just flow right over her hand. She still hasn't figured out why she couldn't grab the water.....I am sure it will come with time.

Well Annalise and I are leaving on our journey across the country with Kendy, Angel and crew tomorrow. I am excited for our adventure accross the country, it will be Annalise's first time to a lot places (also her first time to be in the car that lets hope for the best.) She had an appointment with her surgeon on Monday and she is past 15 pounds now, and doing great. We got to visit some of her wonderful nurses that took care of her in the NICU, it was a fun day for her. But probably not a good day for Kevin since he was home sick for the first time ever (by a virus that Annalise gave him.....and I am sure it won't be the last time she does that.)

The next time I write something in this blog Annalise will probably be rolling over, she is very close.....but not very interested. (which is fine with me) I hope everyone has a lovely Valentines Day!