Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lightning McQueen Cake

So I got really ambitious this year, and decided to make a Lightning McQueen cake for Annalise. She said she wanted a Cars birthday, so she got a Cars birthday. More pictures to come, but here is the cake:

Thank you to Nana, and Eric for helping put it all together!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

It only goes down from here......right?

Well it was my birthday last week, and I can't even believe how old I am. 

At least I am still in my 20's....but not for long. Next year I turn 30, but then I am going to count down from there, so the following year I will be 29 great is that. 

My husband and daughter put together a wonderful cake for me......and for some reason neither one of my children have clothes on in this picture (don't ask me why???? I don't know.) 

It is nice to get pampered every once in a while, thanks to everyone for my birthday wishes!!
Next up is Annalise, she will be three in a couple of weeks....
yay for preschool!

Dearest Mommy,

I am 3 months old today!

I am getting bigger and learning new things all the time. I can roll over, hold  my head up like a champ, and defend myself pretty well from my big sister. I found my hands and feet this week, and they are pretty cute if I don't say so myself. I learned how to sleep through the night since I was 2 weeks old, and now I share a room with my big sister, that should be appreciated! I have learned to laugh and smile, which is your favorite, and I bet you can't wait until I can tell you jokes, then I can make you smile too. 

Sorry I am not very good at nursing, but those bottles are soo much easier.I know I am only 11 pounds now, but I am an awesomely handsome 11 pounds, and at least I am an easy going baby, that should make up for the few times I am fussy.  

Well, I am getting tired now, I think it is time for my nap.....goodnight mommy, sweet dreams.

Love, Jonah