Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nap time!!

So Annalise has been in a toddler bed for about a month now. She has been doing great with a few rough nights here and there. However this week has not been so good. She does not want to stay in her bed. I read her stories, sing her a song, say goodnight, and she gets right out of bed. She finds every excuse in the book, milk....milk....more milk.........Mommy, jesus beam (which means Sunbeam song)......jesus beam, (cry cry cry, fake cry, cry).

When she got her big girl bed I also got her a gate for her room, because I didn't want her to feel like she was locked in her room with her door shut. But I also didn't want her wandering around the house when she is supposed to be sleeping. So today she started sleeping in her doorway for her nap......whats a mom to do? I hope this is a phase.....

Friday, June 19, 2009

Daddy's Day

I wanted to do an early Fathers Day post for Annalise's wonderful Daddy........Kevin!
Kevin does so much for our family, and he would do all he does with or without the acknowledgement that he is wonderful, but I had to say a few words to my sweetheart.

Thank you for.......

doing anything I ask you to do.

watching Annalise every morning (before I can manage to get myself out of bed).

listening, and remembering every detail....most of the time.

working all day long and never complaining.

doing all the chores I don't like to do.

spending all of your spare time and energy helping others.

reminding me who I am and what I stand for (as my mom would say)

respecting and honoring your priesthood.

being a good example for our daughter.

loving us unconditionally.

Happy Fathers Day to all the daddies out there, and to my wonderful Father who raised me right!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bubble Bath

I have never given Annalise a bubble bath (I know I am a slacker mom.) So she had her first bubble bath today.....and by accident. It was actually shampoo that made the bubbles. Annalise thought it was the most amazing thing she had ever seen, she couldn't stop saying......"Bubbles, bubbles"

May I share some of May with you!

All the things that I have been meaning to post but haven't gotten around to it:

Our trip to Kentucky/Ohio.....
Annalise and I went out to my parents house in Crestview Hills, Kentucky (where is that you ask......just 10 minutes from the Cincinnati airport.) My mom recently had some health issues when she went in for an endoscopy, and came out with a hole in her stomach. Needless to say it was a little scary, she ended up with emergency surgery the next day, ICU for 10 days, and total hospital stay of three weeks. She just got her feeding tube out this week (and this all started the end of April.) Well, when she got out of the hospital this gave Annalise and I an opportunity to go help mom, so we flew out to visit them a couple of weeks ago. Annalise loved being spoiled my Mamam and Papa, and she will get a lot more of that when we move out to Ohio in six weeks.

Here are some fun pics and videos from our trip:

Then when we got home Kevins mom came out for a visit, she helped us start packing our house up, and most importanlty go through Annalise's millions of outfits, and get rid of half of them. Annalise also moved into a big girl bed while Nana was here, she is doing really well with the transition, she has a had a couple of rough naps (trying to get her to stay in bed), but she is doing great now.

Here she is trying out ther bed for the first time:
Then on Friday we got to go camping together for the first time in over four years. Kevin has been to Scout Camp, and I have been to Girls Camp, but we have not been camping together in a long time. It was Annalise's first camping trip, and she loved it. We went down to a State Park in Delware, and the weather was a big concern since it was supposed to rain most of the night, but just a few minutes before we pulled up to our campsite it stopped raining!! We got to go with the Buchkovich's, and I think Annalise has found her new love....Westin. She gave him the cutest little hug when we left our camping trip......can you feel the love....
She also loved all the food and fun that came along with it....Here she is before we left, yes she is wearing a Virginia Tech hat and an Ohio State shirt.....she is a little confused.

This one is for you Nick, (he was very impressed by the trees that were growing parallel to the ground....they were pretty cool.)

Then the next day we decided at the last minute to go down to Maryland for Tutu's Birthday ( Kevins Grandmother.) She turned 82. I am very happy we were able to make it down there. It was sad to leave them because we will not see them for a while due to our move :(

Since then I have just been at home recovering from all of our adventures, and stressing about the fact that we are moving in 6 weeks....Aaaaaaah! But we finally decided on a place to live, so I am feeling a lot better about that. I was also released from my calling in the Young Women's program at church, so that helps with the stress levels (especially with Girls Camp coming up soon......Good luck Lindsay!) And I only have two weeks of work left, so everything is coming to a close (sad.) I am going to miss this area, our ward, and all of our friends!!! But we are not gone yet, so I hope to get a lot of socializing in before we go!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fun time with Auntie Amy!!

We have loved being in Philly for the last four years, and it is getting more real every day that the fun is soon ending.  We are moving at the end of July, which is too soon for me. There are many reasons we have loved being here, but one good reason was having Kevin's sister Amy around. She lives and teaches in NYC, and Annalise begs to call her on the phone every day. We have taken some fun trips with her and Annalise will miss her a lot. Here are some pics of fun times with Amy, first at the Brooklyn Childrens museum, and then on Memorial Day in Princeton: 

Memorial Day: