Sunday, November 22, 2009

Annalise and her new friends

I know I have been really bad about posting lately......but I am so stinkin tired I am just glad Annalise is alive by the end of each day. (I also posted about Halloween below if you would like to see it.)

I have really been enjoying my days at home with Annalise. She is so darn cute now that she talks so much, and shares her opinion every second of the day. She has also made some good friends with our neighbors here, and she especially talks about her friend Seth all day long.

I have been meaning to write down all the cute things she say's all the time, but I still haven't gotten around to it. I especially love when she says words backwards, (which she does often.)

For example-

Mommy: How are you today Anna?
Annalise: I am doog, not bad.

Mommy: What song do you want to sing?
Annalise: I Am a Dog (I Am a Child of God)

Mommy: What are  you doing Annalise?
Annalise: I am upisdown.

I love watching her learn.....and she teaches ME new things everyday. She also enjoys sitting with daddy on Saturdays to watch football, and she now is becoming more of a Buckeye fan than a Hokie fan (don't tell daddy.)

Here is Annalise singing, which she loves to do all the time now:

A ladybugs Halloween.....finally

Halloween was nearly a month ago and I am finally getting around to posting pictures. Sorry for all of those people who have been sitting on the edge of their chairs waiting for the latest Lawrence Fam update.

Here in Columbus they do trick-or-treating a little different. There is a beggars night for all the the different neighborhoods instead of going on Halloween. Ours was the Thursday before Halloween, which worked out great since our ward trunk or treat was on Halloween. (I don't have very many pictures because our good camera (with a flash) no longer works.)

That night for trick-or-treating we just went around our complex and knocked on doors with some of our neighbors, which was perfect......just enough time for Annalise to get enough treats, and just in time for Kevin to get back for the Virginia Tech game.

We also had some fun carving our pumpkin that week and making cookies.

I don't have any pictures of Kev and I, but for our ward party Kevin wore his Phillies shirt and I wore a shirt that said Future Phillies Fan, with a little arrow pointing to my tummy. Not quite everyone knew I was pregnant yet, so it was fun. Unfortunately that did not bring enough luck to the Phillies this year to clench the series,.......but there is always next year!