Sunday, September 12, 2010

4 months...

Yes my baby is four months, and I couldn't even think of a clever title for this post. But I must say he is pretty stinkin cute!

Jonah hasn't been to his 4 month appointment yet, so I have no stats for you, but I know he is around 13 pounds and 26 inches, or so (shorter than his sister was at this age.) This is by our home measurments though, not by the doctors, so we will see when we go in this week what the official numbers are.

So what has Jonah been up too........?

Well he spends most of his day watching his sister run around the house, and laughing at her when she falls over, tickles his chin or just pays any attention to him. However, instead of a little baby laugh he really just has a grunt laugh, but I love it, I think it's adorable.

He easily entertains himself in his jumperoo, and would much rather be sitting up then laying down.

Despite all my efforts to keep up the breastfeeding, he is no longer nursing, but most importantly he is getting enough to eat ( and he will soon start on solids....which is so weird because he still feels like my little newborn.)

Jonah also loves to put anything in his mouth, which is new to me because Annalise never did that (I know she is the exception), so anything that he sees that he can grab goes straight into his mouth......oh and he slobbers like crazy. He drenches all of his clothes, just with slobber, so when he spits up it is definitely time for a new shirt!

He recently began to realize there is a difference between mom and everyone else. I used to be able to hand him to anyone at church, but now when I hand him off to a stranger he screams as loud as he can until mommy comes back. Who knew that they could start so young? (But you know as a mom I secretly love it.)

It really amazes me how two of my own children could be so different....but Jonah is also is a little cuddle bug. He loves to cuddle pretty much anything. Every time we lay him in bed he either needs a blanket or soft toy to hold on too. And when he is falling asleep he loves to smoosh his face right into your arm, or anything soft and fuzzy will do. I love it, especially since Annalise has never really been cuddly, and don't get me wrong she loves to be held and hugged, but enjoy it while it lasts.....because it won't last long with her.

I could go on and on, Jonah is adorable and my little GQ model baby. I love to dress him in his sunday clothes, and spike his hair up (especially since Kevin won't let me dress him up and do his hair....I guess that is what the kids are for right?)

I must say, it is not easy having two kids around, and I don't get much rest....but I love every minute of it!