Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year....and Happy Valentines Day!

Okay, obviously I have not been juggling my blogging life very well lately. I still have my fall background and only one short post since October, but I promise we are not dead! (which is of course what you would assume.....because when I don't hear from Kevin and it is getting late,  and he hasn't called me, I tell him that I assume he is dead. He then tells me I am assuming the worse for nothing. )

Anyway...I hope to catch up on all of our busy holiday excitement, such as our separate Thanksgiving trips (I was in Utah with Jonah, and Kevin and Annalise were in Maryland),  our trip to Abu Dhabi to visit my parents, Christmas in New Jersey, and our growing, busy, crazy Children.

For today I would like to say Happy Valentines Days to my two boys!

First to Jonah.....

He turned 9 months on Saturday, and he has been nothing like Annalise....

He Started to crawl the beginning of December and hasn't stop moving since then.


He then started pulling himself up to stand when we got home in January, and now he is cruising around, and learning how to balance....which only means he is going to be walking Way Too Soon!

I know this is not amazing to most people, but compared to Annalise it is all happening way too fast. She never crawled and didn't walk until she was 13 months, so this is all new territory for me. He gets into everything, and loves to put anything that could possibly fit into his mouth (or not), into his mouth. (which is also not surprising, but once again, something that Annalise never did.)

He was an awesome sleeper for the first four months, slept through the night after two days of being home. But then he decided it would be fun to get up in the middle of the night hungry, and then did it more and more, until I was becoming delusional from lack of sleep. Then I decided enough is enough, he is fine without a bottle at night now, got him to sleep though the night, and then he started teething....Ahhh! The never ending sleep deprivation! Oh well. I can't complain, Annalise didn't sleep through the night until......oh wait, she still doesn't. (She likes to sneak into my bed at night, and has an occasional trip to the bathroom...which for some reason always has to include me?) However, Jonah is a waaaay better sleeper than Annalise ever was. Even as an infant Annalise's naps never lasted longer than 45 minutes until she was almost 2, and Jonah will easily take at 2-3 hour nap during the day. Yay for sanity time!

So that is how I came to the conclusion, not all children are the same....I know, a huge epiphany.

Jonah has his nine month appointment on Thursday, so I don't know what his measurements are yet, but according to our Wii Fit Board, he is close to 18 pounds, but not quite there. He has pretty consistently been in the 25th percentile every time we go in for his well check ups, so I have a feeling it will be in that range once again. Kevin measured his height recently too, and I think he was 27 inches? But I could be wrong. (Don't you love all of my accurate information?)

Well enough about Jonah, onto my real Valentine....

I know, isn't he handsome.

I don't know if I have any serious pictures of Kevin....but these are the most accurate depiction of every day life with Kevin. Getting him to be serious is like trying to get Annalise to eat her vegetables....usually not even worth the fight.

Well Kevin spoiled me today with breakfast, flowers, chocolate and most importantly a clean house. If only everyday were Valentines Day....I can deal with being spoiled.

Kevin has about 4 months, and then we are done with school (for real this time....I think.) He graduates in June, and we are still on the job hunt. So anyone who wants a man as handsome as those pictures above working in their office....look no further! I know we will find a job....I just hope it is sooner than later, so I can plan my life in the meantime. But even if he doesn't find a job, there is always modeling....but he will have to regrow the mustache? Hmmm.

Well, Happy Valentines to my Handsome Husband, and to all the love birds out there!

 I really do hope to catch up on all of our holiday festivities soon, I promise.
 I will at least put pictures of Abu Dhabi up on our blog
(I know you can't are sitting on edge of your chair holding your breath!)

Till Next Time!