Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pianos, Parties and Pioneers

This last week we had an awesome pioneer breakfast celebreation at church. As you can see, they used to wear sneakers and flip flops back in the day....Well, maybe they didn't, but we did. We had a fun time dressing up and enjoying stories....thanks Jon and Alyson!

So the next couple of weeks are going to be a little crazy for me. My birthday is on Saturday, and then I have girls camp next week, which I am looking forward to. I love girls camp, I have gone every year since I was 12 (except one) and I think it is a wonderful experience for everyone to do atleast once. However I am not looking forward to the heat, humidity, bugs and sleeping on the most uncomforable cots for a whole week. We have 11 girls going to camp this year, which is awesome, the most ever and I hope they have a good experience like I have in the past..... Then after girls camp is my brothers wedding, which is so cool. Now all five kids in my family will be married and I am so proud of all of my brothers and sister for being worthy to get married in the temple and have eternal families. It is all thanks to my wonderful parents for raising us as well as they did despite our whinning and fighting and thinking that the world revolved around us....thanks mom and dad!
Well you know I can't write on my blog without bragging about Annalise, so here is a video of her playing piano this week. I think it is a more modern piece.......but you can tell me if you think she has something worth composing.

Have a good couple of weeks everyone......I will let you know how it all goes when I get back!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer Dresses are the Bestest

So I have been waiting all summer for Annalise to finally fit into this dress. First of all I love dressing her up, but I also am a sucker for Sunflowers (for any of you that have been to my house you already know that.) So Annalise got this dress when she was teeny tiny, and now she finally fits into it, and she is so cute....... I also have some videos (of course of Annalise) that I just uploaded to youtube, so they should be in the video bar on the left side for any of you that want to see new videos. One is of Annalise putting blocks away, the next is after hunting for lightning bugs, and the third is her learning how to walk (but she was not very happy about it.) That is all for now!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Ahhhh, its summer!!!

Yes, yes, yes, I am well aware that I have not updated my blog lately. I am sorry for all of you who try to check every week and have only found victory arms for the last two months. Well, as you may have guessed it has been a little busy around the Lawrence Home, so here is a two month update on what has been going on:

I had my end of year performance for work and got to meet Ukee Washington, that was cool!

Both our moms came out to visit, and spoiled Annalise.
We went to Maryland for Memorial weekend to visit Kevins Aunt, Uncle, Grandma and Mom. Kevin got to drive me and Annalise around the backyard in a little trialer then Annalise went to her second baseball game to see the Nationals we watched some veterans ride around on motorcycles and on Memorial Day Annalise went swimming for the first time with her awesome sunglasses. In the meantime Annalise had been growing some bottom teeth sleeping in her highchair and finally learning how to take a bottle (thank goodness!)

We also had my family vacation in June, which happenend to also fall on Father Day, which is pretty cool since we are getting two new daddies in my family!

During our vacation we went to Kings Island (an amusement park in Cincinnati)

Went to a Reds Game
Played Golf

Did some Community Service

and ate a lot of food, and played with the cousins.

And of course the basbell season continues, we went to a Phillies game on the 18th agianst the Red Sox and got some awesome seats next to the Philly Phanatic.Unfortunately the Phillies lost, but we all still enjoyed it!

Then came the Girls Camp Yard sale, which turned out awesome. We made a good amount of money for the girls so they can attend camp thanks to all of the people who donated stuff from our ward......thanks to everyone!

We also attended the ward picnic that night,which was a lot of fun, I won the womens pie eating contest and Annalise enjoyed hanging out with Grandma, unfortunately I don't have pictures from this, but Alyson Peterson does, so maybe I will have to get those! Then right after the picnic we once again headed down to Maryland for a family Reunion on Sunday. It was a distant "Twigg Family Reunion" that was in "I don't know where", Maryland, and it was a perfectly sunny day.....for most of the time until it started pooring down rain.

The week after that was Youth Conference. This year was our service theme, so we got to clean up Benjamin Rush State Park just off of the Boulevard. It was awesome to see all these kids working hard and not complaining one bit, they were all amazing. We also got to make some blankets for the Lynus Foundation that Saturday morning before the Testimony meeting, which was also a cool project to do.

While I was taking youth home from youth conference Kevin, Annalise, aunt Amy and grandma Lawrence got to go to Terhune Orchards in NJ where there a lot of cool animals to see. Annalise loved the horses apparently. Then we went to little Fabios birthday party, which was also fun, and then I went home and slept for the next 2o hours because I was exausted.

Then this last week was the fourth of July which was also an exciting busy day. We spent the morning at the boy scout fundraiser eating some delicious pancakes with secret ingredients and pefectly made sausuage. Then we went to the Jersey shore to Belmar beach where Annalise got to swim in the ocean for the first time, and luckily the weather heald out for us while we were there. Then we spent the evening in Center City listening to John Legend and watching the fireworks in the rain. It was a nice drippy day.
So there is a summary of the last two months.........I hope you enjoyed it. I promise I will be better this month!! Hopefully life will be slowing down (atleast for a couple of weeks until Girls Camp and my brothers wedding.) Thanks for reading my novel!