Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Da, da, da, da da

Annalise has definately found her voice these last couple of weeks. She recently figured out all the sounds that she can make with her mouth and loves to hear herself talk. Her favorite thing to say is Da, da ,da. I am really trying to get the ma, ma, ma out, but I figure that will come with time. She is even trying to immitate sounds too, it is so fun to hear her talking.

Besides listening to herself talk she also found out that she has a tounge, which is never inside of her mouth anymore, rather it is sticking out to taste the flavor of the air. I think it is so cute (for the time being), and she almost looks like a little frog.

She has been doing so many new things lately I don't even know what else to mention...... Both of her Grandmas are coming to visit this month and they will wonder if I switched her out with a new baby. She has been rolling around a lot more and bearing her weight on her legs also. I try to lay her down on her stomach and she does not last long (because she hates being on her tummy), so she rolls right over and laughs every time she returns to being on her back. There is that tounge again.....she is too fun. Well I think that is all the bragging for now. Good weather is on its way to philly, so anyone who needs to get out and take a walk.....Call Kelsey and Annalise, we would love to play!


Casey said...

Thanks for walking with us today Kelsey! It was such great fun, weather, and company!

Maureen said...

sigh, Eric said da da first and it took him forever to say mama. She is looking so adorable and so much like you Kelsey!