Monday, May 12, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Bears.........Oh my!

Last weekend we got to take a trip to NY to visit Kevins sister Amy. Despite the chilly air we enjoyed ourselves. After getting up early and driving into the city we picked up Amy and headed up to the Bronx Zoo. Annalise has really been into animials lately......mostly when they make sounds and look like they are dancing all around. She really loved the fish that were in the Tigers pond..... She tried to catch all of the fish through the glass, but she was never able to get one. She wasn't as impressed of the tiger, but Kevin thought it was pretty cool.... Annalise's favorite part of the zoo was tasting french fries for the first time, in fact she wouldn't put them down, so she brought them in the stroller with her.

We also went to a Yankees game which is cool since they are tearing down Yankee Stadium this year and putting up........oh Yankee Stadium, yeah, I guess they couldn't think of a better name for the new one.Annalise even took a little nap before the seventh inning stretch. It was her very first game, and it made mom and dad happy that she enjoyed it since we are both big baseball fans. Well after the game we got to hang out at Amy's apartment and I read Everyone Poops to Annalise and then we had some pizza.......I think it is her new favorite book as you can tell by the look on her face.It was a fun day in NYC.
We are so enjoying having Annalise to brighten up our lives everyday, she is amazing. It was exciting to have my first official mother day yesterday, and I look forward to many many more, (especially if it includes Kevin cleaning the house for me...thanks Kev!).
Well I will leave with a video of Annalise after we got home from eating at Nifty Fifties. I hope all of you mothers had a wonderful mothers day!!

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Doug and Mallena said...

Sounds like a fun day. Can't blame a girl for loving fries. Yum!