Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our Collection of Cousins!!

I love that all of my siblings are all grown up and married now, because we all get to have babies together! For anyone who has not met my whole family, I have a twin sister- Corinn 
(Here is her cute family dressed up for halloween) 

 and I have three younger brothers, Steven Brandon and Matthew.

 Stevens wife Ellie had an adorable little baby, Lilly, born one month ago: 
Then Brandons wife Heather had  cute little William just today (Nov 5th):

It is so exciting!! They are both so precious, and I can't wait to meet them. 

So Matt............You are next in line! 
Well, congrats to the new parents, and I am looking forward to many fun holidays with lots of kiddies! 


Doug and Mallena said...

Congratulations on the new arrivals. It's always fun to get a new family member. I can't wait to meet my two nieces and one nephew that were born while we were gone.

Kendy said...

I always think about that great pic of Ayla and tyler walking together at the zoo. Lilly has the stott nose i can see u in her. Its so cool to have so many nieces and nephews. And the fact that your mom always makes an effort to get u all together at least once a year. so awesome. I hope that for my children to be close. Family is amazing thank goodness we werent only children.

psampson said...

What a pretty family you have! I love the wedding pic and the babies are so beautiful! But I have to say the coolest part is that you are related to the Incredibles! I know SO many 5 year olds who would die to be you!! :)

Heather Stott said...

LOVE the post! I just want to say DIDO to everything you said. I love family and am so greatful for our new addition, I am holding my sleeping angel as I type. Hope you can introduce your self to him soon! Love and miss you guys!

Mrs. TJ Martin said...

Your sister's family looks so awesome! I love the Incredibles theme. Very fun. And Lilly and William are both super cute!