Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Play School

When we moved to Columbus Annalise and I joined a play school group with some of our friends here. Annalise has loved it, and it has been heavenly for me. Once a month I have all 5 kids at my house, and we learn about a letter, have some snacks and then some free time.

Today we learned about the letter U, and all of the kids were being so cute I had to snap some pictures.

Here they are Under their fort~

Then they decided to start their own band~
(we had a Ukulele, but it was upstairs)

Seth on the Ocean drum, Annalise on the Bongo, and McKade leading the group while Halle was dancing. 

Halle and Annalise sharing the princess blanket~

It has been so nice having this play school group, especially since I get to go grocery shopping by myself every week .......time to myself.....what is that........(and it won't last much longer, so I better enjoy it!). 

Annalise and I are very lucky to have such good friends!


Patty Sampson said...

Wow! That is such a cool idea! I am so glad you are able to join such a fun thing- both for you and the kids. :)

Shilowe said...

What a fun little group! And such cute ideas!