Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Love To See The Temple

I had to share this story about Annalise ......

Kevin and I went to the temple this week, we asked our neighbors to watch the kids and I told Annalise that she was going to go over and play with Luke while we were at the temple. She was so sad that she could not come with us. Every week when we go to church she gets so excited to see the temple,(which is right next to our chapel) and she tells us about the angel Moroni on top, it is very cute. We could not take her with us, but she ended up having fun over at our neighbors, and we were blessed enough to have two well behaved children while we were gone.

So today Kevin and I had our temple recommend interviews and we each took our turn to go in and talk to the bishop. I went in first, and then Kevin took his turn. When Kevin came out Annalise popped up out of her chair and walked right into the Bishops office and said "Okay, it's my turn." Luckily the bishop was very kind and let her sit and talk with him about Nursery and church activities.  It really warmed my heart to see her desire the things that I believe are so important, and it was adorable at the same time.

It is days like today that I remember that I have wonderful children and a wonderful husband.

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dan and linds said...

I loved having the Temple right there. Annalise has good parents and it shows! She is precious. We miss you guys!