Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our Grad Dad

He did it!

Kevin finished his MBA
at THE Ohio State University!

So, Tressel and Kevin 
will be leaving the Buckeyes
 at the same time....

Just on different terms. 

We are so very proud of all the hard work 
he has put in these last two years. 
Many missed dinners 
lost sleep
and late 

 we are on to 
new adventures and 
how to 
live a non-student life!

Wherever that may be.....


Heather Stott said...

congrats to the KEV-DOG! so proud of you guys! cuase I know it was a joint effort!

Amanda said...

Hopefully you'll be staying here. it was fun to see you at church a few weeks ago. Congratulations on graduation!

B.U.I. said...

Congrats to you both!!! And as a sidenote, Michigan would love to have you!

Sierra Parke said...

Congrats Kevin!!! Best of luck with everything:)

Patty Sampson said...

I am so happy for you and your new Non-student lifestyle. SO nice!! We are thrilled for you!!