Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Five Months way!

Annalise is five months old today, and she had quite the busy day for her five month birthday. This morning Grandma Stotts alarm did not go off, so Annalise got to come to work with mommy. She loved it, especially all the attention that she got (until she got hungry that is.) I was a little worried how she would do with all the other kids around, but she ws great.

After her trip to mommies work she got to go straight to Gymboree to do a play class with some of mommies old friends. She also loved going there. It was interesting for me to go back to Gymboree after being a teacher there, and now I am going as a mother, it feels a lot different. It was wonderful to get out and play with Annalise outside of our apartment floor, and she got to play with bubbles for the first time too. She also did some tummy time (longer than usual, so maybe we will eventually learn to roll over.) For now Annalise is quite content laying on her back, and not going anywhere.

Next week Annalise and I get to take a trip accross the country with Kendy and Angel. We are going to help out and have fun while doing it (all the way to Arizona.) We will see how well she travels.

On Monday Annalise has her next appointment with Dr. Moront her surgeon. I expect it will go wonderful, she has been growing and learning right on track, and I am so grateful for that. She couldn't have done it without the wonderful people at St. Christophers. It is amazing how things work out with a little faith. Yeah for a happy health five months!

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psampson said...

How cute is that little face!! I am so glad she is doing well. And I can tell you are having a lot of fun being her mommy. Don't get too excited for her to go mobile. She is just too adorable in every stage. Thanks for keeping us up to date! love ya! ~Patty