Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pianos, Parties and Pioneers

This last week we had an awesome pioneer breakfast celebreation at church. As you can see, they used to wear sneakers and flip flops back in the day....Well, maybe they didn't, but we did. We had a fun time dressing up and enjoying stories....thanks Jon and Alyson!

So the next couple of weeks are going to be a little crazy for me. My birthday is on Saturday, and then I have girls camp next week, which I am looking forward to. I love girls camp, I have gone every year since I was 12 (except one) and I think it is a wonderful experience for everyone to do atleast once. However I am not looking forward to the heat, humidity, bugs and sleeping on the most uncomforable cots for a whole week. We have 11 girls going to camp this year, which is awesome, the most ever and I hope they have a good experience like I have in the past..... Then after girls camp is my brothers wedding, which is so cool. Now all five kids in my family will be married and I am so proud of all of my brothers and sister for being worthy to get married in the temple and have eternal families. It is all thanks to my wonderful parents for raising us as well as they did despite our whinning and fighting and thinking that the world revolved around us....thanks mom and dad!
Well you know I can't write on my blog without bragging about Annalise, so here is a video of her playing piano this week. I think it is a more modern piece.......but you can tell me if you think she has something worth composing.

Have a good couple of weeks everyone......I will let you know how it all goes when I get back!!


Heather Stott said...

hahaha... pure talent! I love how she gets so proud of her self and then claps! you can tell she doesn't get praised at all! haha! LOVE the pictures! especially of the one of all five of you when you are little sitting on the bed! I love that picture! except every time I see that picture it just makes me nervous about having a very blond little boy! Nobody will think he is ours with our very dark hair! I will have to get a lot of high lights if Will comes out as blond as you guys all were, seriously look at Brandon’s hair. I am doomed to have a blond boy! :)

Doug and Mallena said...

I think you have a mini Beethoven on your hands. Happy Birthday on Saturday! Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow night and I can tell you in person. I love your old fashioned picture. So, so, cute!

dan and linds said...

Such skills! I'm recruiting her to play the organ in Sacrament Meeting :) Well, I guess we could start with primary accompanist :) I hope you guys get good weather for Girls' Camp this week!

psampson said...

You have quite a cool couple of weeks planned. Have fun and good luck at Girl's camp. And when you get back from your world travels we all look forward to the postings. :)

BTW, LOVE the old fashioned pic you and Kevin took at the 24th of July party. It looks great!

Mrs. TJ Martin said...

Annalise is such a doll! I could watch her playing that piano all day! What fun! --Shilowe