Sunday, February 28, 2010

March Madness Baby Naming.....

That’s right, it’s once again Lawrence Family Baby Naming March Madness time again. For those of you who are new to this, here’s how it works. We make a baby, and you get to help name it. In honor of the NCAA basketball tournament, we will put together a list of 64 names, and then play them against each other to determine the winners that will advance. There will be online voting each week, so everyone gets some input; Kelsey’s vote = 33%, Kevin’s vote = 33%, Online vote = 34%. Each week there will be a new round. Here’s the schedule:

First Week (ending March 7)- everyone submits names to go into the bracket. Last time we had over 300 submissions, so we’re counting on you for some good ones. On Sunday, March 7, we’ll select the 64 names, and publish the bracket.
Round One (ending March 13)- names will be narrowed down to 32
Round Two (ending March 20)- names will be narrowed down to Sweet 16
Round Three (ending March 27)- names will be narrowed down to Elite 8
Round Four (ending April 4)- names will be narrowed down to Final 4
Round Five (ending April 11)- down to the final 2
April 18- a winner is declared!
May 5- due date!

So send in your names right now! Submit as many as you like!!

If you would like you can email them too us also or

To see how it all worked out last time here was our website from three years ago:

PS- We are having a boy, so boy names are preferred.


krystal jolley said...

I can't give you my favorite boy names because i might need them some day! Alright, fine, i'll give them to you, but our kids might be same named cousins:)
Nash (because i love steve nash)

Patty Sampson said...

Ha! I love how Annalise was supposed to be Hannah. Makes me wonder if you are just going to go with Oscar after all. :)