Friday, May 28, 2010

2 Weeks and Were Still Kickin!

Today Jonah got to go on his first outing to the zoo! He was so good, which I appreciate, he slept most of the time while Annalise played with her friends. 

This week Jonah gained a whole four ounces, so he is slowly fattening up. He is not quite up to his birth weight but he will get there. 

Annalise made a pinata this week, it is a monster pinata. All the red dots are eyes.....she is getting excited about filling it with candy!

Daddy and Jonah taking a nap.

Unfortunately Annalise and I got sick this week. I was finally feeling recovered from having a baby and then I end up cleaning up after Annalise and feeling gross for a couple of days myself. But the good news is, now we are all doing well and we have both of our mothers and Kevins sister here this weekend. 

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!


Patty Sampson said...

Yay Jonah! Way to be gaining weight, and being a wonderful baby. He is so adorable Kelsey. That first picture looks like the cover of a magazine!

Annalise is so creative! I love her monster. :) And I am glad you are feeling better. Being sick stinks.

Have fun with the family visiting! We miss you, and hope once Kevin is done with school that you'll think of PA for his next job. :)

dan and linds said...

That little guy is such a cutie!!! You can definitely tell he's a part of your family. Things have been so crazy with the move that I can't remember if I already told you congratulations, so in case I didn't, Congratulations!!! He really is precious. That seriously stinks that you guys got sick- especially so soon after having a baby. I love that picture of Annalise and Jonah under the play gym together. Playmates already!

Sierra Parke said...

I see you guys already invested in a double stroller! Aren't they lifesavers? Your family is so cute and I am glad to hear Jonan and Annalise are doing so well.

The Molen's said...

What a sweet little guy! I am so happy for you! Thinking about you and your family!

The Slaters said...

That picture with his hands behind his head reminds me of Tyler when he was that small. He use to do that all the time. I love how the pinata turned out!

alyson said...

Do I spy a B.O.B. double jogger? they're the best!! Love the pics of your little guy. I'm glad to see you guys doing well (despite some sickness). Having a newborn around is stressful, but look at you doing crafts and outings already!