Thursday, March 17, 2011

Teeeen months!

Yes! I am 10 months old!

Jonah is getting closer to one....
and he is all boy!
As shown above,
he loves to put 
anything in his mouth,
especially when he finds stray licorice!

He loves playing with his sister,
even if she 
doesn't always want him to play with her.
He loves to
destroy her toys that she just got set up perfectly

Always a 
helper with the dishes!
And many other chores

Favorite things...

Climbing anything
(especially the stairs)
Dancing to any beat
(including his own, sometimes he just goes in 
and pounds on the toilet seat and starts dancing)
Unrolling toilet paper
Escaping out any door
Playing the drum
(with help,
He is close to 
walking on his own,
but a little scared, it will be soon)


Vegetables, he has never been a fan
Annalise stealing his toys
Being fed
Being left with other people besides mom

I also love his new goofy teeth!

He has 6 teeth now,
2 up top
4 on the bottom!

I must say
Having a little boy 
is really growing on me!

1 comment:

Tabitha said...

Cute! It doesn't seem like 10 months since you had Jonah. WOW! BTW, I wish I could find some stray licorice! Hope you're all dong well!