Sunday, April 17, 2011

Snoozin and Cruisin

Well Spring Break has come and gone....but my mind is still on vacation. 
A couple of weeks ago Kevin and I took a cruise 
with Corinn & JC (my sister and her husband.) 

It was their 10th anniversary, so they decided to take a cruise,
 but I told them that they could not go without me....

So they listened!

We left from Ft. Lauderale
had one day at Sea
Then we spent a day in Labadee, Haiti
(A part of Haiti that is "dressed up" by Royal Carribean)

Then another day at Sea
full of eating
oh, and eating.

Next was Jamaica ....

We went to Ocho Rios
where we floated down a river in tubes
Ate some Jerk Chicken
Then climbed Dunn's River Falls

Another day at Sea
we spent our time learning some new 
napkin folding skills

JC only got attacked by animals a couple of times...

The Ship was Awesome!
It was so wonderful to sleep in for a few days!
And eat without having to pick up food off the floor
And play card games with out anyone eating my cards
And spend time with Kevin...without communicating through the kids!

But, I missed my kiddos.....
And my mom could only take care of
 five kids for so long without going crazy!

So, Happy Trails to our cruise...


And of course
Remember to eat on more time...

Let that be a lesson to you all!
If you ever decide to go on a cruise,
I may choose to tag along!

We had some extra time on our hands the day our ship got back in to port
So we got to go to an MLB spring training game also.

Yay baseball season
Go Phillies!!!

 So long Florida
and so long warm weather
until next time....


Lauren said...

Looks so fun! I will come look at your pictures when it is rainy and grey this week so I can remember what the sun looks like!

Sierra Parke said...

Wow, how relaxing! Cruises are the best. Glad you had such a fun time together. Everyone needs a little time away from the little ones too just to recharge and regroup. So envious!

mallena said...

Okay, it's official---if I ever go on a cruise, you're invited. :) It looks like you had an amazing time. I glad you were able to go. I think a cruise sounds fun, but I'd want to do it with other people. Going with your sister and her husband---PERFECT!

Heather Stott said...

so so jeleous! I am just a tiny bit offended I didn't get to come along! :) I am getting excited to see my little neices and nephews! jonah is SO adorable! love all the pics!

emily a. said...

Heaven!!!!! We went on a cruise for our honeymoon and I think about it at least a few times a week. I want a vacation so badly and this just made me so jealous. I'm glad you got a vacation with your hubby.