Friday, January 30, 2009

Goooooooooo Cougars!!

Well, as many of you know Kevin is currently applying to Grad school to get his MBA. So we just got back from (hopefully) our final trip to look at schools. We spent the weekend in Provo with my brothers, sister-in-laws and one little cousin. Kevin had never been to BYU before, so this was his first trip on to campus. My brother Matt is trying REAL hard to to get us to move there. He was telling us everything that is wonderful about Provo and BYU and Utah you name it, he had something good to say about it, such as: having relatives close, a lot of snow, awesome skiing, yummy ice cream, free babysitting, inexpensive living, cheap tuition, etc, etc. (I could go on but I will stop there.)
 But as we have told everyone else, we are just going to have to wait and see. Here is the list of places that Kevin has applied for, so if you have a favorite start praying now because we will be deciding soon! 

Brigham Young University
Ohio State
University of Maryland
University of Texas


Doug and Mallena said...

I vote for BYU (not that I get a vote)! It would be fun to be able to see you again. :) This way we'd only be a short drive away instead of a LONG flight away.

The Slaters said...

Ya'll know my vote :) Go Texas!

Bonnie said...

I vote Ohio - its selfish, but the closest to me. :)

Kendy said...

Well i am taking ur family in consideration. TX or BYU, u'll have family close buy. oh and not that its a big deal, but we will be close. but that doesn't matter its all about family.;) plus we r planning to stay here for a while so u'll have a place to vacation during winter. oh yeah kevins awesome mom lives close by and then we all can get together. wait i forgot who this was about. ok its all about the best interest of the child. hehe

B&U&I said...

I dunno where University of Texas is but I do know that LeAnn & Jared are moving to Texas. Personally, I'd go with Ohio at least then I'd have an excuse to go visit there...and we'd be neighbors (in a stately sense anyway).

Heather Stott said...

you know my vote too! come to utah! I agree with matthew very much! It's been really fun to have lillian and william close in age and they have already seen each other a bunch of times in his very short three months of life! You too could be apart of our spontaneous family get-togethers! :) You have lived far away for long enough! :) i'll pray for you to get the right answer! haha