Monday, January 12, 2009

Tutu's and Singing Bears

For Christmas Annalise got a lot of new fun things, which she is loving. One of her gifts that she recieved was a leotard with a pink tutu attached to it.  She loves to dance when any music is on, and everytime she was wants me to sing her a song she starts clappping her hands and says "this, this" meaning- sing me a song mom. 

So know along with her favorite doll (her singing bear),  she has everything she needs to become a little dancer. 
 I got her dressed up in her leotard today and she was dancing with her singing bear. The bear sings "I Hope You Dance" I thought it was adorable. 

Here she is in her Tutu Leotard:

Here she is kind of dancing with her bear singing.....(it is so hard to catch her on camera at the right time. I think she was actually dancing for all of 3 seconds in this video.)


Doug and Mallena said...

Cute tutu and even cuter little girl.

Sierra Parke said...

She is such a cutie. Oh I want a girl so bad!!! Girls must be so much fun to dress up. Glad you guys had fun in LA. Yeah--the weather is super nice out there right now. My dad said it is 90 out there today!!! Remind me why I am in Philadelphia again?!?! Glad you guys are back too.

Ellie said...

She is going to be a little dancer!! When we were in California with her, I started teaching her "Goodnight Toes... Hello Toes!" (pointing toes and flexing toes) and she learned it SO quick! I still have 3 year olds that are figuring out how to move their feet like that! Yay for little ballerinas!

Heather Stott said...

how cute is that!!! Little girls, the different things to look forward to when I have or if I have a girl! :)