Friday, April 9, 2010

Anna the entertainer

Lately Annalise has been making me laugh almost as often as she tests my patience. As her vocabulary grows she becomes more entertaining.
This morning Annalise and I were in my room when she started to "discipline" me. She said the following to me in a strong tone of voice:

 "I am going to leave, and I am going to lock your door. If you want to be happy you need to be nice." as she proceeded to close the door and leave me in my room. She came back about 30 seconds later and asked me: "Are you ready to be happy?" 

I think it is more a reflection of me more than anything, but it was still funny!

The other funny thing she has been doing lately is making up her own words. Her favorite new word is Bonique. I don't know how to spell made up words, but I imagine that is how she would spell it? She puts the word into many of her sentences. She will describe something as being bonique, or say she wants to bonique something, like...I would like to bonique down the slide. This morning was pretty funny when she was getting mad at Kevin and she said: 

"No, no, no daddy! Bonique!" 

So apparently it can be used as an angry word also? Either way, it is very funny listening to her express herself, and the way she puts her sentences together. I think she is smart anyway, and I brag about her "skills" all the time, but I am her mom so that is my job. I have started to teach her how to read, and she can do small three letter words, which I think is so cool. My little genius. 

However, I know in a few weeks she is going to get less attention than what she has gotten used to over the last three years, so I think I should do all I can in the next few weeks to let her know she is still my favorite daughter. 

Speaking of baby number two. I had an ultrasound this week to see what position the baby is sitting...and thankfully he is finally head down. So hopefully no turning, or c-sections are going to be needed. Yay! (The ultrasound pics are below. They may not look like much, but the one on the bottom is the most important, the picture of his head at the bottom of my belly, the other two are his face.) All I really want is a normal that too much to ask for? By Wednesday I will be 37 weeks. So all I have to say to you "Baby Oscar" is,..... I am ready when you are!

I am ready to be done with back aches, heartburn, muscle cramps, ill fitting clothing, exhaustion (which will actually come in another form soon), being hungry and full at the same time, rolling in bed all night long, being so emotional, not being able to keep up with my two year old, hot flashes, reaching my toes without holding my breath.....and other things that should not be mentioned in words on my blog. Don't get me wrong when I complain about the "joys" of pregnancy. I feel very blessed to have another child join our family very soon, but after 37 weeks of being pregnant....I am also very tired. I am honestly very excited about having a little boy join our family soon, and I know Annalise can't wait either. Almost every day she comes up to my belly and says to the baby "come out, come out baby!" But until then.....we are here waiting!


emily a. said...

I think it's a bad sign I can relate to every symptom you mentioned and I am 11 weeks behind you. The tossing and turning and you are so right on about being hungry and full at the same time.

I'm excited to see what name you pick.

Patty Sampson said...

Yay for baby!! I am excited for your little boy to join the family too. Anna is going to be a great big sister- she was a great sister for Carter. And I now understand what you mean about toddlers being funny while trying your patience. Carter has started to have "fall on the floor and wail" melt downs. Ugh! Sometimes I just want to walk away and let him scream.

When are you going to announce Oscar's real name?