Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Baby Naming Final Vote

We're down to the championship- a week late, but hey, the baby will probably be late anyway. Thanks to everyone who voted in the extended Jonah vs. Daniel battle this week. It was a really hard decision, since I am a a big fan of the name Jonah (not to sway any votes or anything.) I guess the one advantage that Kevin has is that he is a boy, so he knows what it is like to have a boy name, but I would like to have something that is a little different. So our conversations about Daniel vs Jonah came down to me saying: "Okay, we can go with Daniel, but if we go with that name I am going to call him Danny, and if I am going to compromise on Daniel I also get to choose the middle name, and I choose Oscar. Kevin was not cool with Daniel Oscar Lawrence, so Jonah is now in the final two. 

So go on and vote for your favorite. 


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