Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby Naming- Final 3?

Ok, here's what's going on. We are stuck. Nathan has defeated Nicholas and will be moving on to the championship. The other side is not so easy. Kevin prefers Daniel and Kelsey prefers Jonah. The general public has picked Daniel, but Kelsey really likes Jonah, and is also really pregnant. These factors combine to increase the power of her vote. 

We have decided to open up a survey for one day only. So go on and send us you best argument why we should name our son either Daniel or Jonah. This will close Monday night at 9pm EDT. 
Thanks for Voting!

Feel free to just leave a comment on here if you would rather do that........


Amanda said...

Of course I think Kelsey should win, I always think the mom puts so much into the making of a little baby, it's only fair that she should have more clout when it comes to picking a name.

partypatt said...

I like Nathan the best out of the three. Sorry!

The Schexnayders said...