Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April Fun....

Spring is my favorite season!
 No matter what your favorite time of year is.... 
you have to love the flowers,
 and the perfect weather, 
and the sports that come along with it.......

We went to a Cincinnati Reds game last weekend 
with my parents 
for the opening week of the baseball season. 

I still wore my Phillies Shirt!

We also had a great time when my sister and her family came here to visit us in Columbus a few weeks ago. They were able to be here for Easter,

 ...and the kids all had fun being together. 

This year Spring also brings babies for our family....
My sister in law Heather is due the same day as me, 
so we are on a race to the finish line. 
I think she will make it there before me. 
I was two weeks overdue with Annalise, and I don't expect a miracle this time either. 
I am 38 weeks now, so I suspect it will be another 3 weeks.

See you soon baby Oscar!

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Heather Stott said...

I didnt know Corinn came out for a visit over Easter? How fun! looking forward to seeing you guys this summer! and your new addition! it will be so fun to be able to compare pregnancies babies and birthing stories!